12 Things I’ve Learnt as a First Time Mom

Being a first time mom means:

1.Your coffee is always cold

You’ve made yourself a hot cup of…and there goes the baby again.

2.You no longer chew your food

Instead, you devour your food with one hand like a vacuum and rock your baby to sleep with the other.

3.Everyone wants to give you advice

Even the ones without children.

4.You worry ALL. THE. TIME.

Even when you dream, you worry your dream baby is choking on a carrot stick.

5.Phone calls from the people helping to care for your baby while you’re at work are scary AF

Is your baby really choking on a carrot stick?

6.You now know exhaustion like never before

Both physical and mental exhaustion. And all you really want is just 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

7.You’re not sure what you did with all that time you had before you had a baby

You used to say “I’m really busy” or “I’m exhausted” but really now?

8.Your clothes are never clean

So you’ve changed into your work outfit only for baby to puke on it again.

9.You’re a natural bouncer

With or without baby in hand.

10.Bath time is your new suicide sprints

Remember those camps you went for when you were younger, giving you time limits to shower? That was child’s play. You shower at lightning speed now when baby is asleep just in case he wakes.

11.Babies are stronger than you think

Babies don’t break as easily as we imagine them to.

12.YOU are stronger than you think

You’re exhausted from a whole day at work or caregiving and just really want to crash in bed for a nice long nap. But you somehow find that last bit of energy left to read your baby a bedtime story or sing him a lullaby. And for that, you are an amazing mother.

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