[REVIEW + DISCOUNT CODE] 6 Reasons Why IFAM Toy Organizers are Worth Every Penny

Now that I’m a mother, a lot of my internet searches revolve around Noah. And because dynamic ads are so creepy accurate at advertising products I’m actually interested in, I chanced upon Adertek Lifestyle’s ads for their toy organizers. This was perfect because one of my 2018 resolutions is to organize our home better. What better way to begin than to put away toys that are flung around the house!

Adertek Lifestyle is a lifestyle company that specializes in baby products and accessories. They assure top-quality products that are durable and safe to be used by our little ones. Adertek Lifestyle is also an exclusive distributor of iFAM, a line of baby products that are sourced, produced, and assembled in Korea and sold worldwide. What parents would love about iFAM products is their use of 100% fresh plastic, which is also BPA free. iFAM places an emphasis on eliminating possible hazards that could be posed to our children as the case with the use of recycled plastic.

Here are 5 other reasons why I love iFAM’s toy organizer:


I purchased the iFAM Design Toy Organizer (Extended) in grey with blue and white trays.

Adertek Lifestyle iFAM Toy Organizer

They also have this in beige with grey and white trays.

Adertek Lifestyle iFAM Toy Organizer

The Design Toy Organizers come in fixed colors which means the color of the trays cannot be changed. But I personally love how the colors are neutral and so relaxing to look at! I also love that the organizer looks attractive enough for children yet also has a simple and clean look to blend with almost any home.

2.Flexible Design

Adertek Lifestyle iFAM Toy Organizer

As you can see from the picture, this toy organizer comes with 9 trays. It also has an extended side that acts as a book shelf or for extra toy storage space. The Design Toy Organizer Premium comes with two extended sides. You can install the extension(s) as and when you need to use it because of its modular system. The middle portion with the 8 trays work just as well without them.

Trays are movable so you can place them wherever and however you want. You can either place the trays flat on its base on the poles or slanted downwards because of the two grooves at the front.

You can also label your trays with the sticker labels provided. I did away with this because I didn’t want to have to be limited to a tray each for a single category of toys. Besides, I would probably be fussing over how Noah has placed his toys in the wrong category instead of praising him for cleaning up in the first place. But for parents with older children, the labels could actually be a good way to teach organization and categorization!

3. Easy Assembly

Adertek Lifestyle iFAM Toy Organizer

1 coin was really all that was needed! B took slightly longer than the stipulated 5 minutes because Noah was around and distracting him. I wanted to try it out for myself and assembled one of the poles. Verdict? If I can do it, really, anybody can! The organizer was also sturdy while assembling that we didn’t have to worry about it toppling on Noah.

4.Easy Cleaning

Because of its simple design and material, cleaning with a damp cloth is easy and fast. There are no tight spaces or tough corners and trays can be removed to be washed and dried. It’s also really easy to spot dirt and dust because of the pastel colors.

Adertek Lifestyle iFAM Toy Organizer

5. Sturdy & Safe

As mentioned above, even during assembly, the organizer was sturdy and was not the slightest bit flimsy. While each tray is made to hold an approximate weight of 5kg worth of toys, the organizer’s wide base ensures that it doesn’t topple. However, like with all other situations, this doesn’t mean it is okay to leave your little one alone and unsupervised. No matter how safe the product, it is still important to keep a close eye on them.

I also like that the organizer is smooth all around with no protrusions or sharp edges. Noah is fascinated by metal screws and always places his finger on them to try and scrape them out. So I was glad that this toy organizer didn’t have any of those.

This picture was taken when I first bought the organizer and Noah was really happy that his toys are all out on display for his choosing. His books were initially kept on our shelf, which meant that he couldn’t reach for them when he wanted to. Now he just goes over to his organizer, pulls out a book, sits on the floor and flips the pages upside down.

Adertek Lifestyle iFAM Toy Organizer

Now that Noah’s a little taller and is more stable at standing on his own, he reaches for toys on the top trays and tries to take them down himself. I decided to switch the arrangement of his toys so that the heavier toys are placed at the bottom and the lighter ones on top. I’d rather have plastic balls fall on his head than a remote controlled car.

My only qualm about the trays is that some of the bulkier toys are harder to pull out because of the height between the trays. However, this can be easily solved by placing bulky toys on the extended side(s). If not, you may be interested in this toy organizer instead.

If you’re interested in purchasing any iFAM products through Adertek Lifestyle, you can use this code “motheranxious10“, sign up for their newsletter, and get 10% off your first purchase! Purchases can be collected from their showroom during working hours or order above $70 and get free and fast delivery in Singapore!

I’m actually looking to purchase iFAM’s indoor egg slide for Noah’s first birthday so stay tuned for my blog post if I do! Happy shopping!

**Please note that this is not a sponsored post with Adertek Lifestyle. All opinions expressed are my own honest review. However, I may receive compensation if you make a purchase using any of my links/codes.**

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