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Mental Health Post: 4 Reasons Why We Need to Talk about Postpartum Anxiety

While there is an increasing amount of attention placed on postpartum depression, there is another mental health issue that also needs looking at – postpartum anxiety. In this post, I talk about my journey with postpartum anxiety and why it is important not to overlook this issue.

[REVIEW + DISCOUNT CODE] 6 Reasons Why IFAM Toy Organizers are Worth Every Penny

Now that your child is growing, so is his/her stash of toys! Read more about a toy organizer that not only has soft and pretty colors to match any home, but is also sturdy and safe for our little ones to play around. Read on for a discount code for all MotherAnxious readers!

Josh and Cherie Book Subscription for Children

Josh and Cherie Book Subscription for Children: Quality Books You Don’t Need to Source for Yourself

As a parent, you understand the importance of reading for and to your child. But what if sourcing for good, age-appropriate books mean spending hours on end online or at bookstores at the expense of quality time with your children?

MotherAnxious - New Beginnings

To New Beginnings

Here’s the start of something entirely new for me. It’s exciting and fulfilling to finally start a blog where I can share my experiences as a first time mother and also my journey exploring new hobbies. I also hope to use this blog as a platform to build awareness for mental health, especially that of a mother’s. I hope you enjoy reading this space as much as I enjoy putting it together 🙂