Looking Back on 2017

Looking back on 2017

As you can see, 2017 pretty much revolved around Noah. I was almost into my third trimester, we moved into our new home and were busy adjusting to what seemed like an unending list of chores, welcomed Noah in April, and it was just a bigger whirlwind from there. I learnt a whole lot, of course, what with a new baby around the house. It was one of the most brutal years I’ve been through but also one of my happiest.

January – 31 March 2017

The last lap of pregnancy where I was finally visibly pregnant and where the kicks were stronger and the pain in my lower back got worse.

1 April 2017

I won’t go into much detail here because I will be doing a post on Noah’s birth soon. The night before, B and I joked about how Noah could be born on any day but not April Fool’s. I guess he heard us and thought it’d be a hilarious prank and quite an entrance.

3 April – 30 April 2017

We were discharged from the hospital and I started confinement at home. I remember this to be one of the hardest months ever from dealing with the postpartum body pains, breastfeeding, pumping, learning how to care for a baby, and just overall feeling unsure about my capability as a mother. My anxiety was highest during this time. I’ll be writing a post on this journey too.

2 May – 31 December 2017

I returned to work and we started on a new care arrangement for Noah which involved both my husband’s family and mine. Fast forward a few months and I find myself adjusting better to motherhood. We’ve had a few hiccups here and there like Noah’s admission into hospital for Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) but we made it through as a family.

Motherhood really challenges you and whether or not you’re up for the challenge, you somehow make it through one way or another. I couldn’t have done it alone, of course. It really does take a village to raise a child. My husband does his best to help with Noah, my mother and mother-in-law take turns to care for Noah while I’m at work, my family and friends have been there through the uncertainty and days where I have felt my lowest. So while 2017 has been really crazy, what is there that I shouldn’t be thankful for?

2018 will be an exciting year as Noah continues to hit new milestones. Especially a big one in December as he starts school. It’s not going to be easy but hey, we get by right? I hope you’ve had a great start to the new year thus far. Happy New Year everyone!

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