To the Mama Who Feels Like She Just Can’t Catch a Break

To the mama who feels like she just can’t catch a break. When you’re up early to prep for the day only to find yourself left with ten minutes to get ready. When even during those ten minutes you struggle between getting your make up done and running out to the living room because your toddler is throwing another tantrum and has now gotten a pen stuck up his nose. When you attend a parent-child workshop to learn more about playing purposefully with your child but instead spend the time catching your 16.5kg toddler as he decides to do multiple backflips onto your already tired, aching, and flu-striken body. When you realize that your toddler has streaks of blue ink on his limbs from the pen he was playing with earlier and worry what other moms would think of you letting him draw on his body like that. When you get home and finally put him down for his nap only to be covered in his vomit 20 minutes later because he caught your damn flu bug, leaving you feeling a million times more guilty than you did before. When you sit on the floor crying, lifting your hand to wipe your tears only to have your toddler grab them as he squats beside you to take a dump in his diapers. When you lock yourself in the toilet to cry wishing you could drop everything like everyone else can but know that you can’t because you’re mom.

So to the mama who feels like you just can’t catch a break, I see you. I see you trying to make this work. I see you trying to be your best self for your child. I see you putting your child’s needs above and beyond your own even if you know you’re up to your eyeballs and could break at any moment. I see you taking the time to learn new things in hopes to be a better parent. I see you taking extra time sitting on the toilet even if you’ve finished what you went in there to do because that’s the only time you can catch your breath. I see you holding onto your mouth so nobody will hear you cry because it was just too hard, too too hard today.

But guess what, mama? I see you survive another day, picking yourself up and trying again. I also see you transform into the supermama your child sees you to be even during times you think you suck at being a mom. And I say well done, mama. Because you’re one heck of a tough mom.

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