My Pregnancy Journey

I remember sneaking a pregnancy test into the toilet in early August 2016 while B was lying in bed playing games on his phone. It didn’t take long for the sign to turn positive and for me to feel a mix of joy and anxiety. We were trying for a few months and it just felt so surreal that we were going to be parents. I showed the test to B and he couldn’t stop laughing! Although we knew how pregnancy tests are rather accurate, we didn’t want to get our hopes up too high until a gynae has confirmed it. But that still didn’t stop us from smiling till our cheeks hurt that night.

The next day I visited a gynae and he confirmed that I was about 3 weeks pregnant. I remember sitting in the back of a cab, holding onto my stomach because I didn’t want to lose this blessing over a speed bump (paranoid, I know). What was even more special was that we found out the EDD of baby was on my birthday.

My Pregnancy Journey

The First Trimester

My first trimester was brutal because of the morning sickness. I was nauseous every minute of everyday, whether I was standing, sitting, or lying down. Eating and drinking was difficult because I would throw up whatever I ingested. I often took sick days because I spent more time in the office toilet puking than doing actual work. I was too bloated to sleep so I spent my sick days lying in bed watching Drop Dead Diva. Now, I actually feel nauseous when I watch or hear the theme song to Drop Dead Diva. Funny how the human brain works!

I went back to see my gynae some time during the second month because I was hardly keeping anything down and was worried that this would affect baby’s growth. I was put on a drip for about 3 hours because I was dehydrated from all the vomiting. My heart rate was about 45 – 50bpm although it should be a lot higher than the normal resting heart rate of approximately 60bpm since I was dehydrated. I was referred to see a cardiologist but he ruled out any abnormality so that was something I didn’t need to worry about.

Then came a period where the only thing I could keep down was a McDonald’s McSpicy, french fries, and coke!¬†I wasn’t exactly pleased with myself because I wanted to make sure I was eating right while pregnant but here I was stuffing my face with delicious¬†unhealthy fried food. But hey, at least I was finally eating and drinking!

The Second Trimester

B and I agreed that we didn’t want to find out if our baby was a boy or a girl because it really wouldn’t matter to us. I was scheduled for my Fetal Anomaly (FA) scan at 20 weeks pregnant. The purpose of a FA scan is just to make sure that all is well with baby’s development. The sonographer will check every single part of the baby’s developing body, including the private areas. So that meant there was a chance I would accidentally see the sex of my baby. To be safe, I told the sonographer about not wanting to know baby’s gender but lo and behold our baby was lying with his legs wide open! I cried (happy tears) because I immediately knew what I saw between those legs!

My Pregnancy Journey

Our two furbabies didn’t look too pleased to hear they’re going to be getting a human baby brother!

The Third Trimester

Even as I started on my third trimester, I still wasn’t showing much of a baby bump. Some concerned relatives even asked if I were still pregnant. But finally at about 30 weeks, my bump was massive! I also started having sharp pain in my lower spine and started walking funny. Sleep was also difficult because sleeping on my sides were uncomfortable and sleeping on my back felt like I was suffocating.

My Pregnancy Journey

At 34 weeks, I started having frequent mild contractions which are also known as Braxton Hicks. They were usually painless, with a tightening sensation at the bump. But there were a few that hurt and I had to stop walking. Baby’s kicks were so sudden and strong that I would sometimes exclaim in pain. Imagine the looks of strangers around me when I was in public! Thankfully, kicks during the day were rare because baby was the most active at night, which didn’t really help the sleeping.

I was craving pancakes, ice cream, muesli (yay to something healthy!), peanut butter, and chocolate. I was hungry ALL THE TIME and ate when I wanted to (oh, the life!).

My Pregnancy Journey

This was my last bump photo. I had just gone to the gynae on the day that this photo was taken and he said that baby was already at a weight of 3kg at 36 weeks.

My last gynae checkup was at 38 weeks, a day before I gave birth. I was feeling especially heavy that day and felt that my bump was lower than usual. I told my gynae that my stomach felt funny and was hooked up to the Cardiotocography (CTG) machine. The CTG machine is used to measure a baby’s heart rate and my gynae used it regularly at every one of my checkups once I was 8 months pregnant. CTG scans usually lasts about 30 minutes and you’ll be asked to lie down with two straps strapped around your bump. After the scan, my gynae noticed the results showed slight abnormalities and that we had to redo the scan just in case. Thankfully, the second set of results showed that all was well with baby’s heart rate. My gynae shared that the abnormal results could have been because baby was moving too much during the first scan.

My gynae ran through a list of to-dos for when I think I may be going into labour because he mentioned that it really could be any day now. Who knew it would be the very next day!

Besides the first 4 months of morning sickness, I’m thankful that I had quite a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy. I gained about 10kg, including the weight I lost in the first 4 months because of the morning sickness. I’ve yet to reach my pre-pregnancy weight but that’s a story for another day. Do I miss being pregnant? Sometimes. But nothing beats having baby sleep beside me now.

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  1. Very comforting to know that you went on to have a realll healthy pregnancy after being on drip for 3 hours! I was on drip for 3 hours (about 2 days ago) too and on my 9th week now. Been overly worried on every other minute about the baby and my health too.. but comforting to know im not alone! (: cheers!!!

    1. Hi Hani! So sorry to hear that you were on drip too and I hope you’re feeling better now! I understand how worried you must be and hope that this phase of pregnancy will pass quickly for you. Remember to rest as much as you can and to eat whatever you can stomach for now. Remember to stay hydrated too! You’re such a strong mama already and yes you’re definitely not alone! Hang in there <3

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